Mikie Slapz is currently prepping for the release of a brand new project which the official title or release date has not been announced as of yet. Each track draws blurred lines between pure self-expression and experimentation. All delivered in a definitive tone that presents the music exactly how it’s made to sound through the ears of Mikie Slapz, raw and uncut.

Discreetly honing his craft on the boards, and just like with most of his earlier underground recordings, Mikie Slapz single-handedly takes the wheel as the brain behind the beats. With persistence, he’s developed an avant-garde style towards his production techniques. Needless to say, his vocals are a yin-yang manifestation to his edgy & bass-driven instrumentals.

The forthcoming project will showcase the latest of what’s been up his sleeve. In an era where conformity is at an all-time high, Mikie Slapz stands his ground for the respect, rather than focusing on validation from naysayers. On that note, striving for independence on any level has always been a key staple to his artistry.

Stay tuned for more on the latest from Mikie Slapz!

For Mikie Slapz info, music inquiries please contact: info@mikieslapz.com